SKEF – “Sveriges Kommunikationselektronik Företagare Förening” is a trade association for retailers and suppliers aimed at professional users of wireless communication. SKEF affects the industry and the authorities by being a much sought referral organization.

In the SKEF members you will find a unique network of highly qualified companies that allows you as a customer to get a complete solution without technical limitations. Choose a SKEF-affiliated company when you want to be sure to get the best from product selection to installation and service. SKEFs members do their utmost to ensure you will be happy with your investment for many years.

SKEF was founded in 1982 and has approximately 100 affiliated member companies. Members include retailers, manufacturers, operators and service providers, spread across Sweden.

In our quarterly magazine SKEF NEWS you will find articles, product news, informing about the latest in wireless communications. The magazine is distributed free of charge to professional users and authorities. If you are not already a subscriber, send us an email and we will put you on the subscription list. Please note that the magazine is in Swedish only!